Wednesday, 16 November 2016


Treatment for CRPS/RSD has to be individualized. Medications used for CRPS are usually meant to deal with neuropathic pain. Treatment for CRPS may be difficult. The goal of treatment is to seek pain relief and to restore function. CRPS can not be treated but effectively managed. 
Treatment modalities are continuously evolving as research and clinical practice provides new evidence and insights. For example it was once thought that sympathetic nerve blocks were a diagnostic tool and a curative procedure. This has been disproven over time. Some current treatment methods that may work for you are:
1.Use of anti-convulsants 
2. Use of TCA antidepressants
3. Physical and occupational therapy (including graded motor imagery and mirror box therapy), the anesthetic Ketamine, steroids in the acute phase, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulator, warm water therapy, calmare therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, use of opiates (may be considered controversial), bisphosphonates (study starting in 2015).
4. Neuromodulation 
5. Bio feedback  

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